Burger Chains In Karachi You Need To Visit!

Burger Chains In Karachi You Need To Visit!

Burger Chains In Karachi You Need To Visit!

As burgers are the most loved fast food in Pakistan, international chains have made their name quite quickly and easily. However, there are now local burger joints that are serving modern taste in our home country and are becoming well-known for their taste, service and variety. 
We have listed some of the top burger joints in Karachi that are to die for! If you’re a fast food junkie, find out which of your favourite places are here:

Starting with a small restaurant on Khayaban-e-Rahat DHA, one of the most famous local burger joints of Karachi is Burger Lab. Their wide-ranged menu has a little bit of something for everyone. From their traditional option of bun-kebab, to their juicy beef burgers one can try a bit of everything here. Burger lab will serve you delicious burgers in a homely environment.  

Oh My Grill is a total dream for burger enthusiasts, serving prime beef cuts and golden fried chicken with their unique personalized sauce. This raved burger joint will give you an unforgettable experience with their mouthwatering food. 

They call themselves the burger pioneers promising to serve gourmet burgers in Karachi. Their tasty sides of curly fries along with the wide variety of tenderized beef burgers and crispy juicy chicken are all to die for.

One of the most hyped burger joints in Karachi serving innovative burgers packed with flavors alongside their seasoned fries is Jucy Lucy. It is one of those burger joints making their name in the burger world by selling delicious treats on an increasing rate. Having a variety of options in beef and chicken, the most popular burger here is called ‘The Jucy Lucy Burger’ that has just the right combination of meat, vegetables and cheese wrapped in one. 

As the name describes itself, it began with two guys presenting the most innovative kind of burgers called ‘doughnut burgers.’ After gaining tons of popularity at the Karachi Eat Festival, 2 Guys 1 Grll found a permanent home in DHA Phase 6. Enjoyed by people of all ages, the burger joint is occasionally filled with customers waiting to get their hands on these burgers. 

Also making their name in the burger world, Plan B is serving something different in Karachi. Their burgers are categorized in two different options; Street buns and Bao buns. Plan B will surely give you an experience you will not forget.


These are the places a burger fanatic should totally hit in Karachi. It is now safe to say that Karachi’s local burger joints are slowly yet effectively taking over international fast food chains present within the city.


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