8 Christmas Breakfast Ideas To Try Out This Season!

8 Christmas Breakfast Ideas To Try Out This Season!

8 Christmas Breakfast Ideas To Try Out This Season!

If there’s one morning we’re most excited about, it is Christmas mornings. From the cold winter weather to all the presents, the feeling of unity and excitation is not like any other morning. 

We all can relate when the whole family comes together to spend some precious moments during Christmas break. Everyone is positive and on the same vibe as needed. So what’s better than enjoying this moment with a delicious family breakfast to kickstart the day? We have listed down a number of recipes that are ideal for the weather and the holiday for you to enjoy!

1)    Hot Chocolate Recipe 
Winter nights call for a delicious cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm and satisfied. Try out this simple recipe with a combination of dark chocolate, cream and milk for a one-cup wonder!

2)    Fresh Muesli with seasonal fruits
If you’re looking for healthy options and to utilize the fruits in season in the most effective way, museli is your way to go! 

3)    Buttermilk Pancakes 
There is no morning breakfast without a plate of pancakes. If you’re looking for something different than the plain ones you make every Sunday, pair them with buttermilk for some juiciness! 

4)    Nutella Waffles 
If you have a waffle maker at home, life just became easier for you. Amp up your waffle game by adding nutella and strawberries on your waffles along with simple whipped cream for some ultimate flavours! 

5)    Banana Bread 
If you like desserts and fruits, you can mix them together for the best breakfast meal. Banana breads may be time consuming but they add some wonders to your table. Serve the slices with maple syrup and hot coffee for the ideal breakfast. 

6)    Bagel Breakfast 
No breakfast is complete without a type of bread and bagels are the ultimate answer. Make sure you have a bunch of toppings such as cream cheese, nutella and fruits in order to enjoy your bagel breakfast to the fullest. 

7)    Quiche 
If you’re aiming to make only one dish for breakfast, quiche is perfect. It can be utilized for brunch also and can include a combination of your favourite vegetables, meat and spices. 

8)    Whole-grain Muffins 
Muffins are always a yes! Opt for some healthy ones by adding whole-wheat flour and grains into your recipe. Make sure to top your muffins with some condense milk and this light, yet hearty breakfast! 

With a bunch of breakfast options, we hope you do not feel overwhelmed this Christmas break. This is why we listed a number of choices for you to choose from. Remember, enjoy and have a merry Christmas! 


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