4 Doughnut Places You Have To Try!

4 Doughnut Places You Have To Try!

4 Doughnut Places You Have To Try!

Donuts and coffee are the holy grail go-to meal for a quick energy fix. So where can you get the best doughnuts in K-Town?

Here’s a list of the four best doughnut places in Karachi that you must try out!


This is the obvious one on the list. Easy has been serving up some of the most delicious donuts in town for quite some time now. So if you haven’t gone there and tried them, head on over for some the most delicious donuts in town!


What started as a small food cart on Khayaban-e-Seher now has a location in Bahadurabad too! Pop’n serves up incredibly delicious donuts that don’t break the bank. The shops open at 5pm, so make sure to keep an evening open to try them out!


O-Donuts has really taking the food world by storm. Starting small, the company is now so well known that its donuts are now being sold in a lot of supermarkets as well. Their large variety of flavors are also available in the form of mini donuts which are equally as delicious!

Happy Donuts

These donuts really do what they say – they leave happy and content. Also sold in mini donut holes called giggles, this is the perfect place to pick up a quick snack on the go.

Let us know if you try these places out in the comments!

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