Beat the Heat with the 6 Best Ice-cream Places in the City

Beat the Heat with the 6 Best Ice-cream Places in the City

Beat the Heat with the 6 Best Ice-cream Places in the City

Summer is in full swing and the temperature is at a peak. We’re sure that, just like us, you’re constantly looking for ways to beat the sweltering heat, but don’t sweat (pun intended) because we’ve compiled a list of the most sure-shot way to cure your summer blues: Ice-cream!

Here’s a definitive guide to the best ice-cream places in town. Whether you’re looking for fresh berry pops or creamy gelato, this list has it all!

Lush Crush

With all-natural ingredients, Lush Crush is a fan favourite. They serve everything from berry popsicles, to yoghurt based bars and they even have a keto range.


Made with dry ice, Scream is known for the smokey spectacle created every time a new customer is being served as much as it is known for its delicious ice cream. They also happen to have one of the bobas in town.

Gelato Affairs

A classic that has been around for over a decade, this old school ice-cream parlour has one of the widest range of flavours on offer.

Baskin Robins

The international ice-cream joint has quickly become a favourite of Karachiites looking for a delicious scoop.


Nothing about this place screams fancy and that’s the charm of this place. More importantly, they don’t need any of that hubbub because their ice cream speaks for itself!

Shori by the Shore

Serving one of the most elaborate looking soft-serves in Karachi, Shori does things a little differently than your average ice-cream parlour. Check them out for some ice cream that not only delicious but also insta-worthy!

Try these out and let us know what you thought in the comments!

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