05 Traditional Dishes You Need To Try When You Are In Pakistan

05 Traditional Dishes You Need To Try When You Are In Pakistan

05 Traditional Dishes You Need To Try When You Are In Pakistan

There is no doubt in the fact that Pakistan has the most diverse and flavorful recipes due to the infinite amount of special herbs and spices available. Apart from all these flavors, each traditional dish comes with a deep history; every particular meal connects uniquely to a different province with the way it was cooked or the specific ingredients used. The varied geography from desserts to world highest mountain peaks connects different stories and tastes together, all in one. 

1.    BIRYANI:
When it comes to Pakistani dishes, how can we forget about biryani? It is one of the dishes that everyone loves from the roots of their heart. With an assortment of different herbs and spices mixed in rice and meat, the dish adds a whole new flavour and a beautiful yellow colour once all ingredients are mixed together. Biryani is a must-try food when in Pakistan and we think it will always be on the top of the list of traditional Pakistani dishes. 
Try this biryani recipe by Food Tribune. 

2.    NIHARI:
One of the other traditional dishes that Pakistanis enjoy is Nihari; it is one of the most famous stews in the entire country. These dishes are specially served to guests on important occasions and contain meat that is slow-cooked and simmered in different spices overnight. Its long cooking process allows the dish to absorb the flavors thoroughly. Hands down, we think nihari is one of the best-tasting meat dishes in the world!
Try this Nihari recipe for your next family gathering!

3.    HALEEM:
Haleem is a mixture of a variety of traditional staples that is used in Pakistani cuisine; it is a perfect blend of wheat, barley, beef, mutton or chicken. It is a dish with long preparing time as the lentils and spices need ample time to combine with meat. Haleem is also one of those dishes that is served on special occasions and remains a family favourite. Top your next Haleem with different condiments such as fried onions, green chilies and lemon for the perfect flavour! 
Give this Haleem recipe a try!

4.    KARAHI:
Other than biryani, Karhai also has a huge fan following all over the country. You can find a lot of different variations of karahi all around Pakistan and is cooked in a round pot called "karahi." The traditional karahi is made from onion, tomatoes, and mutton, beef, chicken, or even prawns. Served with naan (flatbread) and salad, Karahi is a must-try Pakistani dish that everyone should try. 
If you're looking to try something away from the traditional dish that is enjoyed all over, give this unique Prawn Karhai recipe a try!

5.    PAYA (OR PAAYA):
Paya simply means 'legs,' and this happens to be one of the most exceptional Pakistani dishes. It is a quite basic, but very complicated dish to prepare. It has some intense flavors because the dish slow cooks for hours, preferably overnight. The essential ingredients include onion, red oil, curry spices and the star of the dish is a giant bowl full of bones of goats legs and feet. It's a juicy dish full of flavors served alongside with hot roti. This is something you don't want to miss in Pakistan. 
Challenge yourself, and give this Paye recipe a try!

Although Pakistan has a lot of other different dishes and tastes that you can try out, these five recipes cannot be missed when you visit Pakistan. Their distinct flavors will surely satisfy your tastebuds and leave you craving for more! 


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