Dahi Phulkiyan


This is the famous Burnes Road style sweet and spicy Dahi Phulkiyan recipe, and now you can enjoy it for yourself at home. Quick and easy to make, this dish is sure to impress your guests this Ramadan.

  • Medium
  • 4 person(s)
  • 20 Min


    • Moong Daal Flour2 Cups
    • Maash Daal Flour1 Cup
    • Soda½ teaspoon
    • OilFor frying
    • Water, Luke WarmAs required
    • Yogurt2 Cup
    • Sugar1 Cup
    • SaltTo taste


  • In a bowl add moong daal flour, mash daal flour, Cerim seed, salt and start it mix adding water gradually.
  • Mix in soda.
  • Deep fry the batter by pouring it in small pockets.
  • In a bowl of luke warm water add the fried phulkiyan and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Take the phulkiyan out of the water and squeeze to take out the excess water.
  • In a bowl add yogurt, sugar, salt, water and mix.
  • Now pour the mixed yogurt mixture over the phulkiyan.
  • Enjoy! Please give us your feedback in the comment section.
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