Tahir Chaudhry

Karachi, Pakistan

Chef Tahir Chaudhry is a famous name in the cooking world known for his expertise. He was a certified chef who started working in restaurants situated in UAE, USA and Italy, hence making him an expert in not only traditional cuisine, but also in international cuisines. He was a firm believer of cooking on a budget and was very famous for his pocket friendly recipes which he taught on his show called ‘Cooking On A Budget.’ He was also known for his commendable cutting skills and viewers loved to watch him cut vegetables in a wink of an eye with perfection. Chef Chaudhry was regarded as one of the top chefs of Pakistan. A lot of people used to follow his recipes quiet religiously as they are very affordable to try and also were very less time consuming. His sudden demise was a shock for everyone as he was live on TV just few hours before he left this world. He suffered a massive cardiac attack on the evening of 6th October 2018, leaving behind millions of fans and family in misery. Chef Chaudhry will always be remembered as a big name in Pakistan’s food industry and his legendary skills will be ever-green in the culinary world.