Shireen Anwar

Karachi, Pakistan

Shireen Anwar is a famous name in Pakistan’s culinary world who always had an interest in cooking since childhood. She discovered her real talent after she got married in 1976 and her husband supported her passion in cooking. She went to America in 1984 and taught at ‘Western Food Institute New York’ from where she received a ton of awards from all around the world including Pakistan, UAE, USA and UK. She came back to Pakistan after ten years and started her different cooking activities including her shows and classes in Karachi. With approximately 27 years of cooking experience and two books to her name, Anwar is able to cook cuisines from oriental to continental. However, she personally enjoys baking and inventing new desserts the most Her warmth and charisma are the result to the huge success of her cooking show ‘Masala Morning’. She is also a brand ambassador for companies such as Malaysian Palm Oil, Manpasand Cooking Oil and National Foods. Her cooking skills, utmost dedication and legacy will remain with the Pakistani food industry.