Shai Qazi

Quetta, Pakistan

Chef Shai Qazi is an internationally popular chef of Pakistan who has mastered tons of different cuisines such as French, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean and Indian. She got famous when she started doing a show on Masala TV called ‘Simply Shai’ which gained a lot of popularity quite rapidly and became extremely viewer friendly. She was born and brought up in Quetta- a small city in Baluchistan. Qazi completed her studies and did her masters in Botany, but later chose cooking as her career as she always loved experimenting with food. She has travelled all around the world to learn about different food traditions and experienced different culinary skills which she applies to her cooking shows and practices. Qazi is inspired by a number of American chefs for their commendable skills such as Taylor Florence and Mary Sue Milliken, who remain her top most inspirations. Despite being well-known and quite popular in the culinary world, Chef Shai believes she has a long way to go and wants to be inspiration for upcoming young female chefs.