Mehboob Khan

Karachi, Pakistan

One of Pakistan’s most endearing chefs, Chef Mehboob Khan, has been exceptional in his work since the past two decades. The evergreen chef has been unconventionally amazing in culinary, but his journey was not smooth like any other successful person. Here’s a look at his culinary journey: Chef Mehboob was born in Karachi to a Pathan family. Since a young age he was fond of experimenting and cooking, therefore, after his HEC exams he confidently enrolled himself in a hotel management course. Despite being a medical student, Khan chose to pursue his passion for cooking and like any other profession, he invested his hard work, time and effort into it. He has now built his own identity as Pakistan’s Greatest Chef. Interestingly, he was also a huge fan of music and was a known DJ during his young adult years. Today, he is the brand ambassador of huge organizations and along with that he has started his own healthy food chain where he delivers healthy food to various buyers. He is popular for his cooking shows, "Zindagi Zauq," and "Good Healthy Life," and has also served as a judge in Masterchef Pakistan. Although in recent years, attention from the cooking industry may have been diverted, no one can compare the greatness of passion and rebellion: Chef Mehboob Khan.