Julia Child

California, United States

Julia Carolyn M.C. Williams was born in 1912 in a family of land managers. She was an American chef and TV personality who first brought the French cuisine to America. She was not always an observer or learner of cooking; her interest started in cooking when she first met her to-be husband, Paul, who belonged to a family who were quite interested in food. Julia Child hosted a lot of different cooking shows which include ‘Cooking with Master Chefs’ and ‘Baking with Julia.’ On 12th September 1983, she published the first volume of ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking.’ She remained best seller for about fifty years. She continued to publish books from 1983 till 2000 which evolved around her cooking journey, skills and tips. Some famous ones include ‘Julia Child & Company’ and ‘From Julia Child Kitchen.’ Her famous cooking shows and books made French cuisine more approachable by introducing gourmet recipes and demonstrating different culinary techniques. She died at the age of 91 in 2004 due to kidney failure in California, leaving behind her legendary culinary techniques, and her outstanding cooking skills in the form of her books.