Vintage Just Revamped Their Breakfast Menu And We Couldn't Be Happier!

Vintage Just Revamped Their Breakfast Menu And We Couldn't Be Happier!

Vintage Just Revamped Their Breakfast Menu And We Couldn't Be Happier!

If you’ve read the title, you already know how we feel about the new breakfast menu at the famous Vintage Café located in Karachi. And no, we are not exaggerating when we say the menu is new, delicious and filled with tons of variety! 
The new breakfast menu has a number of offerings for their customers; from a range of Nutella based dishes to a whole section dedicated to dairy and egg based foods. And while the wide range of options caters to every type of person, we understand how overwhelming it can get to choose from all that is in front of you. We are here to guide you on all you can try based on your cravings and preference: 

1)    Lotus Drama French Toast
This breakfast dish isn’t like every other toast. It is fluffy, creamy and fruity! It is a pillow of fresh fruits, whipped cream, lotus spread and biscuits all combined to make this heavenly dish. While we eat this dish, it feels extremely light and airy, however one only realizes how truly filling it is once they are half way through the meal. The use of cinnamon also adds to the aroma and taste of the dish, which makes it even better. 
Also, there’s a plus point; it looks as amazing as it tastes!

2)    The Very Berry Bowl
This dish is a blend of all fresh fruits in the season inclusive of bananas, kiwi and mixed berries topped with coconut, chopped almonds and flaxseed. It may sound like a simple dish, but within the simplicity comes the true taste the dish gives off. If you’re feeling something healthy and delicious at the same time, this dish is for you! 

3)    The Full English Breakfast
As stated by its name, this is an authentic English breakfast that most of us crave and enjoy on a daily basis. It includes two sunny side eggs served alongside sausages, turkey bacon, hash browns, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and bread of your choice. With these many sides served with the eggs, you’re bound to have a full stomach even before finishing this breakfast dish. It is traditional, hearty and delicious! 

4)    Chicken and Waffles 
If you want to move away from traditional norms and try out a meat-centric meal for breakfast, give this dish a try. It is a combination of crispy fried chicken wrapped in a waffle and served with coleslaw and sriracha maple sauce. While many people prefer these types of meals for dinner, they work well for breakfast and brunch also. 

5)    Shakshuka 
This dish is a mixture of delicious and healthy combinations all under one plate. It includes two poached eggs prepared in a bed of tomato curry along with roasted garlic, bell pepper, olives, parsley and crispy French bread. It tastes and smells extremely delicious due to the aromatic herbs used in the dish! 

If you are confused where to enjoy your next weekend breakfast, we hope this blog helped to clear your mind even in the slightest bit. We can definitely vouch for Vintage Café’s new breakfast menu since it is delicious, filling and worth the money!



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