Try it Tuesday

Try it Tuesday

Try it Tuesday

Not sure about you, but I need some fun ideas for Tuesday night dinner. Something quick and easy, especially during busy midweek nights.

So here I'm sharing 3 quick dinner recipes that you can make in under 30 minutes.

Taco Pizza

Ground beef is always easy and tasty, but if you have any leftover chicken, you can use it instead. This is a true taco pizza, with meat, beans, olives, tomatoes, and plenty of cheese on a puffy pizza dough.

Chicken Fajitas

Even while we sometime prefer the ease of tossing everything onto a sheet tray and roasting till done, the textures you get from using a pan are unbeatable. thankfully, the peppers and onions cook quickly, and I actually prefer them crunchy.

Penne Pasta Bake

I love pasta bakes when it comes to lazy, simple, and effortless dinners. Did you know that you won't even have to cook the pasta beforehand?

Put pasta and sauce in a baking dish and add just enough water to cover the pasta for the fastest pasta bake ever.

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