Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is perhaps the most important room of your house, and it’s essential that you turn it into a space you enjoy. You don’t need to have a huge kitchen in order for it to be neatly organized and functional, you just have to utilize your space well and keep it as clean as you can. If you’re getting grossed out every time you open your deep freezer, or if you’re struggling to find the lids for all your containers, then it’s clearly time to take some action. So put on your rubber gloves, and let’s dive in.

1. Pile up Everything 
This is a very important step, and must not be skipped. Open up all your drawers and cabinets and take out all your containers, plates, pots, and pans. Once you can see the sheer amount of everything you own, it’s easy to start throwing things out. Stained containers? Toss them. Chipped plates? No sense in keeping them around. Divide everything into three piles- keep, toss, and donate. This will help you narrow down the stuff you actually use, and organize it neatly.         

2. Time to Clean
Since everything is outside, and all your cabinets and drawers are empty, this is the perfect time to do a deep cleanse. Wipe all the things you have decided to keep, wipe down all counters and surfaces, and replace the lining in your drawers and cupboards. Once you’ve cleaned all your utensils, move on to the fridge and freezer. Clean out the crisper, wipe down the shelves, and throw away anything you haven’t used in a while. You’ll feel much better once everything is nice and clean.

3. Arrange your Ingredients
One of the easiest tricks for maintaining a neat and organized kitchen is get rid of ugly boxes and containers and opt for clear glass jars instead. Store all your spices in neatly labeled jars and arrange them according to how often you need to use them. Things like salt, pepper, red chili powder etc. are all things you need to reach for pretty much every day, so keep those nearer to the stove at eye level, and the stuff you reach for less often can be a little further away. This will ensure that everything always stays in its place and looks nice and neat on your shelf. 

Now with these tips in mind, you can go ahead and organize until you have the neat and functional kitchen of your dreams. 


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