Microwave Oven More Than Just a Electronic Appliance

Microwave Oven More Than Just a Electronic Appliance

Microwave Oven More Than Just a Electronic Appliance

Microwave oven came into existence in 1945 by Percy Spencer, an American self-taught engineer. By mistake, he got to know that waves can be used for melting snacks when he was testing a military-grade magnetron. A microwave oven has made lives easier by saving the majority of the time. A microwave is an appliance that is a basic need in today’s life because, as by time, electronic appliances are taking over the world.

A microwave oven is a basic appliance that is used in almost every household. Nowadays, microwaves are used as household items but are also placed in offices after seeing the busy schedule of employees for saving their time. A microwave oven is not only used for heating the dishes but also to prepare dishes within minutes, which gives you the same taste and satisfaction as a homemade dish.

For only heating, the food the time depends on the temperature of the food, the cooler the food, the longer it takes to heat/cook. The more porous the food, the faster it cooks. While cooking in a microwave oven never overloads the quantity of the food and if the dish is being prepared is in large quantities, so distribute the food in two or more batches for better results. The heating time depends on the quantity of food that is being baked. 

There is a wide variety of dishes that can be prepared, and the following dishes are example recipes to cook.

1) Mug cake:

We don’t need a separate baking oven for baking a cake because microwaves have a technology of baking as well. To prepare a mug cake, we need the following ingredients:
1. All-purpose flour
2. Cocoa powder
3. Granulated sugar
4. Milk
5. Oil.
Add the above-mentioned ingredients in a cup and place it in a microwave oven for a minute or two. And get your mug cake. 

2) Mac and cheese; 

A dish that is loved by kids as well as adults. For the preparation, we need the following ingredients:
1. Macaroni
2. Water 
3. Cheddar cheese 
4. Mozzarella cheese
5. Milk
6. Black pepper 
7. Salt
8. Butter 
Add salt and black pepper as per taste and all the ingredients in a mug and heat it for a minute, and if it’s not prepared, heat it for 30 seconds more. And you’ll get your mac and cheese ready to eat.

3) Cheesecake; 

A sweet dish that is trending nowadays and is loved by everyone as it is light in eating and easy to cook. For cooking a cheesecake, we need the following ingredients:
1. Butter 
2. Graham cracker
3. Cream cheese 
4. Sugar 
5. Vanilla 
Mic butter and graham cracker and settle them at the base of the cup then on top of it add the mixture of cream cheese, vanilla and sugar abstract and bake it in a microwave oven for 5 minutes. And your cheesecake is ready to be tasted. 

4) Pizza; 

A dish that is irreplaceable and is a perfect item to be prepared for lunch or dinner for family or parties. For cooking a pizza, the following ingredients are to be needed:
1. Pizza bread 
2. Pizza sauce 
3. Topping according to your taste 
6. Cheese 
Place the pizza bread in a small dish that fits according to the size of your microwave oven. Spread the pizza sauce over the bread, add your favorite topping and add cheese all over the topping. Bake it until the cheese on the topping melts. 

5)  Mashed potatoes; 

One of the easiest snacks to be prepared whenever hungry, which can also be used as a sideline in a variety of dishes. Following are the ingredients that are to be added for preparing this dish:

1. Potato 
2. Butter 
3. Black pepper 
4. Salt 
5. Milk

Peel the potatoes and place them into a small bowl. Add milk, butter into the bowl, and then add salt and black pepper according to your taste. Bake it until the potatoes are soft enough to be mashed. FoTo adore the taste and make it even tastier, add cheese into the mashed potatoes, and they are ready to be served. 

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