Lactose Intolerant? Alternatives To Your Dairy Milk

Lactose Intolerant? Alternatives To Your Dairy Milk

Lactose Intolerant? Alternatives To Your Dairy Milk

Cow’s milk is a staple in our everyday life. It is consumed almost every day all around the world and is used in desserts, coffee, tea, cereals and many other food items.
However, there are some people who have problems with digesting dairy milk. Research shows that lactose intolerance affects nearly 65% of people in the world, but now there are a lot of alternatives to dairy milk and if you have digestive intolerance with your usual dairy products, here are some substitutes you can opt for: 


One of the most well-known and well-enjoyed substitutes to dairy is Almond Milk. It is made with either whole almond nuts or whole almond butter with water. It has a light texture and is slightly nutty flavor.
Compared to cow’s milk, almond milk is lighter, and has the same calories and fat of cow’s milk. It is one of the best substitutes as it is a greater source of vitamin E and one of the healthiest options.

Coconut milk is made of the white flesh of coconuts with water. It has a slight coconut flavor and is not very sweet. Coconut milk contains one third of the calories compared to cow’s milk, half the fat and has less amount of carbohydrates and protein. Interestingly, it is one of the only alternatives with the least amount of protein so it is not suitable for people who want good protein intake, but is a very good option for people who want to cut down on carbs.

This is one of the simplest forms of milk made up of a mixture of oats and water. Some manufactures may add additional sugar, gums and salt to intensify the taste.
It is sweet in taste and contains almost the same amount of calories as of your dairy milk, but double the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Rice milk is made from milled white or brown rice with water and often contains different thickeners to improve taste and texture.
It is light to taste and it goes very well with cereals and is used in desserts. It is naturally sweet in flavor, has a watery consistency and can be enjoyed on its own. It has similar amount of calories as cow milk, double the carbohydrates and less amount of protein and fat.
On the list of non-diary milks, rice milk has the most amounts of carbohydrates.

Made from cashew nuts or cashew butter with water, it has slightly creamy texture and a mild nutty flavor. It is not one of the very well-enjoyed alternate to diary milk because of its thick texture and slight salty taste.
It contains one-third calories of cow milk, half the amount of fat and lesser protein and carbohydrates. It has the least amount of sugar as compared to other non-diary milk.
Cashew milk is the easiest milk to make at home.

These are some of the substitutes for people who experience lactose intolerance and have problems digesting diary milk. These alternatives are better and healthier options and we hope they suit you based on preference! 


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