Karachi's First Ever Restaurant Award Winners Are Out, And Here Are Our Thoughts!

Karachi's First Ever Restaurant Award Winners Are Out, And Here Are Our Thoughts!

Karachi's First Ever Restaurant Award Winners Are Out, And Here Are Our Thoughts!

The first-ever Pakistani restaurant awards (customer choice awards) took place in Karachi at the Marriott Hotel on 9th December and we are here to share our thoughts with you!

All Pakistan Restaurant Associations (APRA) which is the only registered apex body for food and restaurants in Pakistan organized the event with the objective of making the Pakistani food industry and restaurant chains get more recognition while also honoring different restaurants with an excellence award for delivering outstanding dining and delivery experiences.

The nomination list was out earlier in August and finally, the winners have now been selected for all the different categories.

Apart from providing the honor to the Pakistani food industry, the APRA awards did have a glam factor just like our TV award shows, with a red carpet and charismatic host none other than, Ali Safina.  

The amazing jury for the APRA awards consisted of Chef Saadat, Chef Abdul Hadi, Sumera Hussain, and Dr. Sadia Safdar.
Ali Sultan was initially a jury member too, but was dropped out last minute for reasons that are still unknown.

We are still bewildered by the nominations list which came out since some of the most deserving restaurants were sidetracked, but we would also be lying if we said that the winner’s list left us more stunned. 

Best Burger House of the Year
●    Big Thick Burgerz
●    Burger Lab
●    Burger O Clock - Winner
●    Moos N Cluck
●    Oh My Grill
●    OPTP
●    The Sauce

Best Pakistani Restaurant of the Year
●    Afridi Inn
●    Hot n Spicy
●    Kebabjees
●    Khanji
●    Lal Qila - Winner
●    Nawab Dynasty
●    Tau’s

Best Pan Asian Restaurant of the Year
●    Bonsai
●    Chop Chop Wok - Winner
●    Cocochan
●    Miyako
●    Tao

Best Chinese Restaurant
●    Bam-bou
●    China Grill
●    China Town
●    ChopSoy
●    Ginsoy - Winner
●    Kowloon

Best Coffee Place of the Year
●    Bella Vita
●    Coffee Wagera - Winner
●    Chatterbox
●    Esquires
●    Gloria Jeans
●    Mocca
●    New York Coffee

Best Chai Place of the Year
●    Cafe Clifton
●    Cafe Pyala
●    Chai Master
●    Chai Shai
●    Chai Wala
●    Chit Chat Shai
●    Chotu Chaiwala - Winner

Best Pizza House Award
●    Broadway - Winner
●    California
●    Pizza One
●    New York Pizza
●    POMO
●    Pizza Max
●    Junaidi's

Best Biryani Restaurant Award
●    AA Food Centre
●    Biryani Square
●    Haji Akhter
●    Jans Food
●    Jeddah Biryani
●    Student Biryani - Winner
●    White Biryani

Best Buffet Restaurant of the Year
●    Babujees by Port Grand
●    Chaupal
●    Lal Qila - Winner
●    Rajdhani

Best Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year
●    Bella Vita
●    ChatterBox Deli
●    Del Frio - Winner
●    POMO
●    Sizzlers
●    Sobremesa
●    Rosati
Food Legend

Food Legend Award
●    China Town
●    Ginsoy - Winner
●    Hanifia
●    Karachi Broast
●    Pompei
●    Student Biryani
●    Waheed Special

Best Pocket-Friendly Restaurant of the Year
●    Cool Inn
●    Hot n Spicy
●    Karachi Broast
●    Kaybees - Winner
●    Pizza 363
●    Red Apple
●    Waheed

New Entrant of the Year
●    Daal Rice
●    Fettucine
●    Ginsoy Live
●    Great Wall
●    Sals
●    Wall
●    Yoshi’s - Winner

Best Innovation Dish Award
●    Cafe Praha
●    Cloud Naan
●    Lush Crush
●    Meat the Cheese - Winner
●    Plan B
●    Steak by CFU
●    Thyme
Best Restaurant for Ambiance
●    Chatterbox Cafe
●    Cocochan
●    Esquires Coffee
●    Koel
●    Rosati
●    Sultan
●    Thyme - Winner

Delivery On Time Award
●    Broadway
●    California Pizza
●    Foods Inn
●    KFC
●    McDonald’s - Winner
●    Tooso
●    White Biryani

Restaurant of the Year – Karachi
●    Bonsai
●    East End
●    Kebabjees
●    Koel
●    Meat the Cheese
●    McDonald’s - Winner
●    SteakbyCFU

Special APRA Awards
●    Best Fine Dining Restaurant of the year: Okra
●    Food Veteran Award: Bar.B.Q Tonight
●    Best Customer Experience Award: Kolachi
●    Best Brand Turnaround Award: KFC
●    Best Industry Facilitator: Pepsi
●    Lifetime Achievement Award: Zubaida Apa
These are all the eateries and food brands that bagged an excellence award this year. We may not completely agree with all the decisions, however, it is a big step for the Pakistani food industry and we wish all the best to APRA for future endeavors.


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