Healthy Winter Recipes To Get You Back On Track

Healthy Winter Recipes To Get You Back On Track

Healthy Winter Recipes To Get You Back On Track

With the New Year still fresh in our minds, we all have some New Year resolutions that we’d like to fulfill with most, if not all, being about healthy eating and getting back on track. However, we can all agree that this is something easier said than done. 
If you had too many sugary desserts last year, now is the perfect time to nourish your body with nothing but healthy meals. It’s time for a total body reset. It’s time to turn to healthier options and start opting for healthier alternatives of your favorite dishes.  
There are so many healthy winter recipes that will satisfy your cravings while keeping your calorie count in check. Food Tribune has listed all the recipes you can enjoy this winter while still being healthy:

Let’s start with none other than the star of winters that is pumpkin. Pumpkin soup is the best way to make most of the winters while still keeping yourself healthy and on right track. Pumpkin soup is very easy to make. You can use coconut milk in alternative to your normal milk and with a dash of dairy free cream, you’ll be left with a vegan, creamy and healthy concoction which will warm you up in these longer nights and will still be packed with nutrients.

Salad might not sound like the most exciting dish in winters, or in general but let’s all face it, it’s one of the healthiest option of all time. While there are so many variations of salad which you can make and enjoy, we would surely recommend you to try broccoli salad, as it is a good source of vitamin C and K which will keep you energized in lazy winter days.

The best way to start a cold winter day is by having a breakfast grain bowl. This is not only the healthiest, but one of the tastiest options too. You can pair your favorite fruits with peanut butter, almond milk and gluten-free oatmeal to make it into a whole healthy meal.

Cauliflower is one of the healthiest vegetables of all times; it is a very good source of vitamin C and vitamin K which is extremely good for your immune system. And that is why cauliflower curry in winter is a great idea. This curry will leave you full and satisfied without feeling guilty. It also fits great in keto and whole30 diets.

What is winter without a good old stew? We think winters cannot be enjoyed without two things that are soup and stew. If you like spicy food while still being on a healthy track, then beef stew is perfect for you. Not only does it taste good, but it is a very healthy option for food fanatics. 

We hope you found this blog helpful, and will be successful in keeping yourself healthy and on the right track this winter by giving these delicious dishes a try. Remember, it is never too late to start! 


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