Comfort Foods That Will Make You Feel Less Homesick in Ramzan.

Comfort Foods That Will Make You Feel Less Homesick in Ramzan.

Comfort Foods That Will Make You Feel Less Homesick in Ramzan.

It’s a little strange; how the largest and hardest part about leaving home is “Mom cooked meals”. Believe it or not, Ramadan makes us miss our cultural food and drinks even-more when living abroad. But worry no more. We got you some familiar foods that will bring you those delightsome memories back. And this always does the trick.


I have never seen a Pakistani in my life who says, no to Pakoras on Iftar table. And, let’s agree that these short bombs always live up to its golden promise. It’s like a tempura. You can fit anything in the framework of Pakora. And yes, let’s imagine having it with Chutney or ketchup. YUMMY RIGHT! This delicacy could definitely be a part of our ultimate Ramadan food outline.


Sigh. This is surely a must have of Ramadan. Jalebi is not just a food but an emotion. Whether, you are a sweet tooth or not this will always make you smile. The inviting aroma of sugar syrup and of course that crisp always gives a warm hug. Imagine, fresh fried jalebi, doodh and an empty stomach: an irresistible pair, right? This is considered as one of the most important and comfort referring food.

Coping with homesickness could be difficult. But, Dahi Baray is a one of the simplest, easiest and, safest REQUIRED dish.  This is something we all grew up having in Ramadan. Those full of flavor dumplings seasoned with sweetened or savory yogurt ready to please you. This quirky and flavor full bowl gives out vibes like. “Jeene ke liye nahi khaate, Khaane ke liye jeete hain”.

Intrigued; I know. This, surely stimulates the appetite. I don’t believe, how something can look so good and taste equally amazing. Fruit chaat is not only healthy, but filling and bud satisfying. Additional to that it not only satisfies our taste buds, but also help in regaining the energy required. Toss all the sliced fruits in a bowl, add some fresh cream and sprinkle some lime juice. And Voila, you’re done. HOMESICKNESS, call it off with this mouth-watering appetizer.

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