A Journey Of Flourart By Food Tribune

A Journey Of Flourart By Food Tribune

A Journey Of Flourart By Food Tribune

Food Tribune is back yet again with an amazing experience they had with Flourart. Flourart is a home-based food venture and is run by a girl who has also won numerous cooking contests, Qirrat Gandhi. She had always had a passion for cooking and a year ago she finally let her passion be recognized by everyone. When we talked to her about her inspiration, she immediately called her mom as her inspiration behind her love for cooking. 

She started off with a goal of expanding her mom’s baked goods like cupcakes, cakes, and cakesicles. But, recently she also decided to add savories to her menu as well. So, allow us to share our delicious thoughts about their sweet and savory journey of food.

1. Chocolate and Buttercream Cupcakes:

First off, are their baked goods that were one of the first dishes they offered, chocolate and buttercream cupcakes. Let’s talk about the dressing first, they look so pretty and also yummy. For the chocolate malt, it was a perfect balance between sweetness. The chocolate topping gave that heavenly taste of malt paired with the slightly less sugared cupcake. It is a win-win delight for all the chocolate lovers. Now for the buttercream frosted, they were a nice mixture between soft and spongy. Altogether the taste was not too sweet or too plain, it was a nice blend of flavors.   
We really liked the texture and taste of the cupcakes, they are a perfect sweet delight for every occasion. 

Price: Rs. 440
Quantity: Serves 4
Total Rating: 8.5/10

2. Tacos:
The tacos are their newly released dish. And the surprise is that it doesn’t come only in it’s traditional taco flavor, but also the chef introduced a new salsa which is mango salsa, and trust us when we say this that although it might sound weird but it tastes amazing. It is a nice twist to enjoy your favorite fruit (only if you love mangoes). Moving on to the chicken and tomato salsa, the chicken had just the right amount of spices, and tomato salsa was perfect. Paired with sour cream, hot sauce, and cheddar cheese to complete the savory and tangy taste. 
The tacos were fresh and tasted really good. Although it can get a little messy while eating tacos, it is flavorful at least. 

Price: Rs. 600 (4 tacos)
Quantity: Serves 4
Total Rating: 9/10

3. Cheetos Mozzarella Sticks:
It’s like your regular mozzarella sticks took a 360° turn. The chef tried a new recipe to give the mozzarella sticks a twist, and when they came out looking and tasting good, she decided to add them to the menu too. And when we took a bite, oh boy there was a cheese pull. She sent them paired with a spicy sauce which added up to the flavor of the mozzarella sticks. 
Although, we do think the mozzarella sticks could’ve been better if there wasd a little bit of more salt, but overall it was good.

Price: Rs. 600 (for 6 sticks)
Total Ratings: 7/10

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie:

The entire experience was topped off with sweet adventure. We were also gifted with a complimentary chocolate chip cookie. The cookie had a good balance of sweetness. Specially, if you don’t like too much sweetness, then there is a chance that you would love this cookie. 

Overall, the experience we had with Flourart was amazing. And if you want to try out affordable and delicious dishes then you should definitely give this one a try!

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