10 Signs You Are In A Good Restaurant

10 Signs You Are In A Good Restaurant

10 Signs You Are In A Good Restaurant

Do you love to dine out? And are you always on the hunt in search of the perfect restaurant but feel you lack the options? Well, you’ll be shocked when we tell you most people don’t know what the definition of the ‘perfect’ restaurant is in the first place. The comforting ambiance, delicious food, prompt service are only some of the few factors that classify the perfect restaurant and we’re here to tell you how to keep a sharp eye during your next dining experience. 

The first thing we notice when we enter any diner or restaurant is their staff. A happy and lively staff is a sign of good manners and a positive restaurant environment as it shows that the staff is happy to be at our service and the work is not forced upon them. A smiling staff is surely one of the signs of a great restaurant.


This factor is extremely important; prompt service can immediately get any restaurant extra brownie points. A great service can lift up average food, but amazing food can never make up for poor service. For you to know that you are in a good restaurant, the staff should show the passion for the service they offer, be aware of their work ethic and make sure their customers are satisfied. Nothing is more annoying than entering a restaurant and having to wait for someone to attend to you.

This is also one of the next signs that will make or break the restaurant. It really matters when a restaurant has seasonal menus or a menu that is frequently changing with weekly alterations or chef’s specials. It shows that the owners and chefs are thoughtful about their customers and it really matters to them what they are serving to them.

Nothing is more annoying than asking servers a query regarding some dish on their menu and having them remain clueless or lost with no response. The server should be well aware of what the restaurant is serving, and should be enthusiastic about the food they are offering. 

Without a doubt, this may be the most important factor from the whole list. Delicious food definitely matters as it is the primary reason people visit restaurants in the first place. Hence, good food made from fresh ingredients having an ample amount of flavor is a must. Also, how the food is presented really matters alongside its taste.

Ambience is another factor that makes a specific restaurant ideal to visit. It sets the tone for the food you are about to have and makes the customer feel comfortable and relaxed in the space they are seated in. The cutlery, the plates, the menu and the seating arrangement all should go in sync with the food they are serving. This shows the owner has paid attention to all details inclusive of big or small, alongside food. 

Clean restrooms/bathrooms matter merely because of hygiene purposes. Such factors showcase that the restaurant is not clean in face value, but sanitation is also considered in the kitchen and restrooms. It also gives a positive impression on the owner who is seen to care more about the restaurant overall, other than the food only.    

Nothing is more annoying when you are at a diner with your friends and they serve everybody’s dishes except for yours. And then everybody awkwardly has to wait for that one dish to be served while the other dishes are slowly getting cold. At any good restaurant, all dishes must be served at once as it adds to the overall service also.  

If a restaurant is full at all times, you just know that it is worth going to. People tend to return to the places where they get good food alongside good service and ambiance, hence if it is full at all times, it just shows they are doing everything correctly. 

This isn’t a 100% giveaway of how the food will taste and is totally optional, but going to any restaurant with an open kitchen gives an overall good vibe. You get to see what is happening behind the scenes, how your food is cooked and the ingredients that are being used. 

These are all the signs that show you are in a good restaurant. We hope this article was helpful in order for you to decide what restaurant you’re eating next at while keeping all these signs in your mind. 


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