5 Suhoor Foods That Will Keep You Engergised All Day Long

5 Suhoor Foods That Will Keep You Engergised All Day Long

5 Suhoor Foods That Will Keep You Engergised All Day Long

Just like breakfast is the most important meal of our day on regular days, similarly, sehri is the most important meal when it comes to Ramazan. It is imperative to consume filling and nutritious food in sehri, which will keep you fully energized on a long, fasting day. If you don't use sehri smartly, you will lose energy and eventually be less productive. Hence, it is essential to have a filling sehri, which will keep you filled and energized all day long for the sake of your health. 

Nothing beats your classic desi breakfast food of Anda Partha. It is quite filling and a perfect combination of protein and healthy fats. It's quite easy to make and will surely save you some time on the clock too. It is simple to cook, heavenly and a perfect sehri food to keep you full for long.
For the recipe, click here. 

If you are not fond of eating heavy in the middle of the night, then smoothies will be your best friend. They are nutritious, healthy, flavorful and the perfect sehri treat to keep you full for a long day ahead. Make a healthy smoothie of your favorite fruits, consume a large glass of it and you will be set for the rest of the day. 
For a delicious smoothie recipe, click here.

Oats are a healthy, protein-packed recipe for sehri that will keep you energized throughout the day. They are super easy to make with fewer steps and can either be consumed with milk or water, depending upon your preference. Feel free to pair your bowl of oats with some seasonal fruits for a fresh delight! 

There is never a wrong time to have fruits, and a good bowl of your favorite fruits is the perfect sehri food. They are not only perfect for your health, but also packed with all the good stuff like nutrients, protein and different types of vitamins. It is the perfect pick for sehri!

Greek yogurt is also one of the power-packed snacks for sehri; it has the power of protein on its side. With a super creamy texture containing healthy ingredients, this meal is the perfect way to prepare for a long day of fasting. This perfect snack will keep the thirst at bay all day long. 

It's vital to have food that is good for your health in suhoor while keeping in mind that they keep you full during the whole day. We are certain you will feel energized with these sehri dishes and will spend your fast with ease. Give them a try!

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